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Cal State East Bay Senior Session | Giovanna

Giovanna is graduating from Cal State East Bay with a degree in Business Administration - Finance! She made the trip down from Roseville for these photos with her husband Mike and we had a great time taking her grad photos! She came ready to knock it out of the park as she brought both champagne and confetti (plus it's biodegradable)!

Right away, I knew we would get along so well. I loved how excited she was for the photos and how prepared she was! She brought over 10 packets of biodegradable confetti so we definitely had enough tries to get the perfect photo! Plus we found out we both have little white dogs and I went to college near where her sister used to live! It's so fun to find out what a small world we live in!

It's funny, Giovanna had a "Vanessa" team for her grad photos. She had "Vanessa the Makeup Artist" (Pretty Wellthy) who got her all glammed up then she had "Vanessa the Photographer" (AKA me!) who took her photos!

I loved the spots Giovanna picked for her photos at Cal State East Bay: the walkway with trees by the Music Building, the pretty walkway next to the Administration Building, and of course the iconic EAST BAY Letters. One of my favorites from her session was when I did some photos of Giovanna and Mike together and I said "pop up your foot" and Mike popped up his foot too (Make sure you scroll all the way down to the bottom to see this)! 😂

Giovanna, thank you for trusting me to take your photos! I hope you love them as much as I do! I had so much fun getting to finally meet you in person and meet Mike and I wish you the best! Congratulations on this huge accomplishment!

Here are a few of my favorites from your session below! :)

Makeup Artist: Pretty Wellthy


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