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Mama Chu's Homemade Spam Musubi

Whenever my softball team was having a bake sale, my mom would make these spam musubis for us to sell. They were always a big hit and my teammates and their parents would compliment them. My mom would ask if I want any and I'd say, "No, I don't like them." So over four years of bake sales and I never ate one.

One day, a classmate brought spam musubis into my class to share and I took one since I was starving and immediately loved them. I went back for seconds, thirds, and fourths. When I get home from school, I told my mom how much I liked them and she replied, "Why don't you eat my spam musubi, but you're fine with eating your classmates???" I just assumed I didn't like them, although it is a good thing I didn't eat them back then or else there wouldn't have been much left to sell.

So here is her recipe of spam musubi that has been a hit at bake sales and house parties!


  • 1 can of spam (cuts into 9 pieces)

  • 1/4 cup of soy sauce

  • 1/4 cup of sugar

  • 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce

  • 2 cups of raw rice (or 6 cups of cooked rice)

  • 3 sheets of nori seaweed

  • Furikake (toasted sesame & nori seasoning)



  1. Cook rice.

  2. Cut the seaweed into 9 pieces total (3 pieces per sheet)

  3. Cut spam into 9 pieces using the Meat Slicer. Cook the spam in a pan until crisp.

  4. Make the sauce by mixing the soy sauce, sugar, and oyster sauce together. Place the pieces of spam in the sauce and make sure the sauce covers them all.

  5. Lay out a piece of seaweed on a cutting board and place the Spam Musubi Press on top with even space on either side of the seaweed.

  6. Place 1/4 cup of rice to make the bottom layer of the spam musubi. Press the rice down.

  7. Sprinkle Furikake over the rice.

  8. Place a piece of spam on top of the rice.

  9. Add another 1/4 cup of rice over the piece of spam to create the top layer. Press the rice down again.

  10. Sprinkle Furikake over the rice. Remove the Spam Musubi Press.

  11. Wrap the seaweed over the rice. You may need to dip your finger in water to make the seaweed stay.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy!


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