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My 24th Birthday Recap

Well I officially turned 24! I decided I wanted to go out to dinner and go bowling with my family and Justin to celebrate. Since my birthday ended up on a Wednesday this year, we went to get dinner and dessert on the actual day and then were planning on going to dinner and going bowling on Friday when it's easier for work schedules, but it ended up getting delayed.

Filoli Historic House

On Wednesday, Justin and I went to Filoli where we walked around and took photos. I haven't been in over 10 years, so I needed to learn the area especially to hopefully have photoshoots there in the future! We toured inside the historic house and walked all around the gardens. I did not realize how big it was! Nor did I know that the name "Filoli" came from the founder's motto "FIght, LOve, LIve." I'll definitely want to come back in the spring when flowers are blooming again!

So for dinner and dessert on my birthday, we went to Iron Gate in Belmont to get soufflés which are sooo good. I always get a Grand Marnier one while Justin got Berries.

Just a heads up, order the soufflés at the same time as you order your meals as it takes 30 minutes to make.

A couple weeks later, we went to eat dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. I used to eat there very often, but had not been there in over 3 years, so I decided I wanted to have my birthday meal there. I always love their pasta!

Afterwards, we headed to Pinstripes which has the restaurant on the ground floor and bowling and bocce courts on the second floor. It is a luxury bowling alley with 12 bowling lanes. The bowling balls are painted like billiard balls which was super cute! Plus bowling shoes are included in the price!

I had a great birthday and so glad I got to celebrate it with Justin and my family!


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