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New Puppy Announcement | Davi the Dachshund

Meet Davi (pronounced DAH-VEE), Justin's mom's new puppy! His name means beloved in Portuguese. He is a miniature dachshund male puppy. This little fellow was born on August 13, 2021. He weighs 3.75 lbs so far, but is expected to weigh around 10-15 lbs. He loves to run around, give kisses, and play with his toys. He is so loved and already has made himself at home.

I remember when my family got a puppy, my dad surprised us one day after elementary school ended holding a yellow lab puppy that we named Daisy. Later on, we found out he got Daisy without telling my mom first. She wasn't thrilled about it and to top it off Daisy peed on her office carpet the first day. So to any husbands/dads reading this, let your wife/mother of your kids know about it before surprising your kids with a dog. Anyways, it all ended well and my mom liked Daisy after that initial surprise.

We got a lot of pictures of Daisy when she was a puppy and had some that showed her under some really tiny spaces that she crawled under. Now we look back at the photos and we're like, "How did she even fit under there???" So just remember to take pictures of your pets especially while they're young!

Paula, I'm so glad I was able to capture such a precious time for you. It's crazy to look back on photos later on and see how tiny they were compared to how much they had grown since. Davi is so adorable and I'm so happy you finally got the dachshund you've been wanting for so long!


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