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San Jose Portrait Session | Nelly

It was a very windy day, the 49ers were playing the quarter finals, and Nelly and I were on the roof of a parking garage in San Jose.

I've previously photographed Nelly at Cal State East Bay (click here to see the photos from that session!) and it was so fun to see her and try out a new spot I hadn't shot at before! I was worried that there might be a lot of people there taking photos and cars parked on the roof, but thankfully we had the whole roof to ourselves!

I loved the different outfits Nelly brought to her session! She did a cute casual outfit, her scrubs from her radiology program at Cañada College, and a pink roses dress! It was great variety and it worked out how the different spots looked with the different outfits!

Nelly, it was so fun to photograph you as always! Thank you for braving the cold and wind! Here are some of my favorite photos from your session! :)


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