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Santa Clara University Senior Session | Alex, Grace, Izzy, & Katie

Alex, Grace, Izzy, and Katie are roommates who met their freshman year at Santa Clara University! They are now graduating together this June! I knew right when I met them that it was going to be a good time and I was not wrong about that!

It was such a fun session! I was just smiling and so happy hanging with Alex, Grace, Izzy, and Katie! They were the absolute sweetest and were squealing when I showed them the back of my camera during the session!

Their session was at a great time of the year where there were lots of roses in bloom, so it turned out super cute!

Alex, Grace, Izzy, and Katie, I hope you all love the photos! It was so fun to hang with you guys! I love how they turned out and I wish you all the best! Here are some of my favorites from your session! :)


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