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Del Mar Proposal | Erica & Travis

THEY'RE ENGAGED! I'm so excited to share the photos from this proposal!

Travis reached out to me a few weeks beforehand to let me know he was going to be proposing to Erica and asked if I was available, and I was so surprised and happy for them!

For those who don't know, I actually photographed Erica and Travis before in March 2022 at Balboa Park (see more from this session here!) and I was so honored that he reached out to me to photograph the proposal since they loved the photos from the Balboa Park session!

So he offered to fly me out and I'm so glad we were able to make it work!

On the day of the proposal, I flew in to the San Diego Airport and Travis picked me up and we went to Del Mar Plaza where the proposal was happening and started setting up.

Something everyone needs to know about Erica is that she loves the color blue and sparkles. Like she dyed the tips of her hair blue and had an all blue dorm room in college.

So the decorations Travis got for the proposal hit the spot as he had a balloon arch of blue balloons, blue rose petals on the ground leading up to the balloon arch, silver sparkly (fake) candles, and some photos of them from over the years. He even hired a guitarist, Isabella Mullins, to play their song "Grow As We Go" by Ben Platt behind Erica as she walked toward him.

Once everything was all set up and we were waiting for Erica to arrive (Travis made it seem like a work meal was why she was coming to the proposal spot), Erica walks and says, "I knew it!" She had been suspicious of it happening over the past few weeks and thought it would be happening soon.

It was such a sweet proposal, I was smiling and shaking while I was photographing it as I was so happy and excited for them and just wanted to make sure the photos turned out good.

There's one part in Travis's speech where he dumps a bowl of sugar packets on his head as when they were still friends at University of San Diego, he dumped a bowl of salt and sugar packets over her head and she replied, "You're never allowed to not be my friend." So in the proposal, he dumped it over his head and said, "Now you're never allowed to not be my friend forever."

Something that was a complete coincidence is that Erica happened to paint her own nails the night before and she happened to make the ring finger sparkly! She said that before she had chipped green nail polish on and was bored and decided to just repaint her nails! Definitely a good coincidence!

Afterwards, we celebrated with none other than Salt & Straw ice cream! Also for those who don't know, Erica and Travis are the ones who introduced me to Salt & Straw and are the reason for my obsession with Cinnamon Snickerdoodle ice cream haha!

Overall, it was such a romantic proposal and I'm so excited for them as they begin this next chapter!

Erica and Travis, I'm so honored and grateful that you chose and trusted me to take photos of such an important step in your relationship! You guys are such a great couple and I know you have great things coming in your future! Here are some of my favorites from your proposal! :) Had to save the best for last ;)


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