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Romantic Fremont Anniversary Session | Victoria & Donny

Victoria and Donny met in what once was a taboo way, but now a pretty common and almost essential way in these COVID-19 days - online dating. After texting for a bit, they finally met in person and went on their first date to Half Moon Bay where it took off from there and they're now celebrating their one year anniversary!

Victoria and I actually went to elementary school together and were in the same class one year (a split 3rd and 4th grade class). I always liked how both of our names started with a V and that we had the same birthday (just one year apart)! I'm always pleasantly surprised when I meet someone else whose name starts with a V since it's pretty rare and any January birthdays since that's pretty rare too. Actually recently, I have met quite a bit of people who have January birthdays which is always fun!

But what was also crazy is that both of our boyfriends are attending the same law school?! I'm not even making this up!

I had so much fun catching up with Victoria and meeting Donny throughout their session in Fremont. They were up for anything and did amazing! They looked great and got quite a bit of compliments from people walking by! Here are some of my favorites from their session! :)


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