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How to Get a Great LinkedIn Photo

Whether you are graduating college, looking for a new job, or just want to make sure your LinkedIn looks professional, take advantage when you're at a photoshoot to get a new LinkedIn headshot! Bring a blazer or suit jacket to your session so your photographer can capture a few photos for you to use!

Here are some tips for how to get a good LinkedIn Headshot:

  1. Dress professionally

  2. Have the photo be just of your head and shoulders - you want to make sure people can see your face clearly compared to a full body photo

  3. Only have you in the photo - nobody else!

  4. Do your hair and makeup how you usually do

  5. Make sure the photo is in good lighting

  6. Be aware of the background - make sure it's not distracting

  7. Use a high resolution photo

Here are some examples of good LinkedIn headshots!

As you can see here, they all are dressed professionally, there is a simple background, and it is cropped to just have their head and shoulders.

I hope this helps!


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