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Santa Clara Law School Senior Session | Adam, Connor, & Donny

Adam, Connor, and Donny are all housemates graduating from Santa Clara Law School! They are so close to finishing!

I previously met Donny when I did a couples session of him with his girlfriend, Victoria (you can see the photos from their session here!) Then when it came time to get grad photos, we got to meet again and hang out while taking him and his housemates' grad photos this time! Victoria came along too for the session and we got some cute photos of them two together! Plus since they knew my posing system before, we were able to do more poses quickly and get even more photos for them!

I brought Justin along for the session and Adam, Connor, and Donny were all so kind to give him tips for law school as Justin is also attending law school (he is just a couple years below Adam, Connor, and Donny).

Adam, Connor, Donny, and Victoria, it was so fun taking your photos and I hope you love them! Congratulations on finishing law school and good luck on the Bar Exam! Here are some of my favorites from your session! :)


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