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Meet Justin (AKA My Second Shooter, Assistant, and Personal Chef)

When we meet for your photo session, I sometimes bring along a second shooter with me. That person is usually my boyfriend Justin if he's available. He has years of experience in photography as he is my Instagram boyfriend and has taken all of my pictures for me over the past six years. So if I trust him to take my own photos, you're in good hands.

So since you'll likely see him or at least will hear me talk about him whether at the photo session or on social media, I thought I should introduce you to him.

Quick Facts

Zodiac Sign? Aries

Favorite Sports Teams? Golden State Warriors and San Francisco Giants

Favorite TV Shows? The Office, Breaking Bad, and Succession

Favorite Band? The Beatles

Favorite Food? Sushi and Steak

Favorite Drink? Iced Tea

Hobbies? Playing Golf and Cooking

Favorite Place He's Traveled To? Italy

Favorite Thing About Vanessa? How Determined She Is

So if you see him at your session, just ask him how the Giants or Warriors are doing and he can talk for a longgggg time about it.


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