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UC Berkeley Senior Session | Constancia

Constancia is graduating from UC Berkeley with her masters in Environmental Health Sciences! She went to Sacramento State for undergrad before going to UC Berkeley for her masters. She will be starting a full-time position with the CA Department of Public Health soon!

Fun Fact: Constancia and I's birthdays are just 10 days apart!

It was a sunny turned foggy session, but we still got some cute pictures of Constancia in front of some of the top spots at UC Berkeley: Doe Library, Sather Tower, and Sather Gate! We still don't know how "Sather" is pronounced though - is it "sath-er" or "say-ther"? Anyways, Constancia was still all smiles despite the fog and cold at the end!

Constancia's mom joined us for her grad photoshoot and was super helpful especially getting the cap on the champagne bottle off!

Also check out Constancia's grad cap she decorated herself - it turned out so good! Scroll to the bottom to see a close-up photo of it!

Constancia, thank you for trusting me to capture such an important milestone in your life! It was so much fun taking your photos! I hope you love your photos and congratulations! Here are some of my favorites from your session! :)


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