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Santa Clara University Rho Psi Eta Senior Photos

Exactly a year later after I did their Exec and Officers photos, I took the Rho Psi Eta seniors group photos! Such a full circle moment haha! It's crazy I knew most of them already from the Exec and Officers shoot and it was like meeting up with old friends! It's sad to think they won't be there next year, but happy to follow along their next phase in life!

I was definitely honored when they asked me to take their senior group photos as they loved how the Exec and Officers photos turned out!

We got some individual photos of each senior as well as some small friend group photos and the large group!

SCU Rho Psi Eta, thank you for trusting me to take these special photos of you all together! It was so great to see many of you again and to meet some new faces! Here are some of my favorites! :)


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