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Santa Clara University Senior Session | Ariel, CC, Kaylix, & Sarah

They're graduating! It was so fun hanging with Ariel, CC, Kaylix, and Sarah taking their grad photos at multiple spots on the Santa Clara University campus! I got to find out the cool spots SCU students hang out at from them and we got to end the session at The Hut (a new spot for me!)!

I love being able to get to know my seniors and hear more about them and their passions! It's amazing that so many of them are leaders on campus and so involved whether that's being in a sorority, having an on-campus job, and holding a leadership position and making change for SCU!

Fun fact I found out is that CC comes from a family of SCU alum which is so cool!

Ariel, CC, Kaylix, and Sarah, I hope you all love the photos - I love how they turned out! Here are some of my favorites from your session! :)


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