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Santa Clara University Senior Session | Aimi & Justin

Oh my god. I loved everything about this session! It combines what I love to photograph most: grads and couples! Aimi and Justin were so cute together, I was just saying "Awww" to myself behind the camera whenever they did something haha.

I thought it was so funny Aimi and I both have boyfriends named Justin!

Aimi and Justin met at Santa Clara University as Aimi is from Japan and Justin is from Los Altos, CA. They both enjoy playing volleyball and they were in a co-ed fraternity together, Alpha Phi Omega.

I love that they brought props to their session! They got flowers, biodegradable confetti poppers, and champagne for their session! It gives more variety in the photos!

Aimi and Justin, I hope you both like the gallery! I especially loved the ones at the SCU Sign! Wishing you both the best! Here are some of my favorites! :)


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